Foodie Features

Local Chefs

Find local chefs near you for the ultimate specialty food cuisine experience.

Online Reservations

Set up reservations for today, or for a convenient time in the future to suit your needs

Review The Menu

Browse each chef’s menu and dish availability. Look at photos, descriptions, and even reviews from previous foodies to select the best dish or meal for your dining experience

Secure Payment with PayPal

Utilize PayPal, the world-class secure payment platform, to pay for your meals - no credit cards, no cash, no hassle

Rate Your Dining Experience

Once you finish your meal, you can rate your dining experience so that other foodies can benefit from your experience.

Share on Social Media

Share your experience on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms, and get discounts for future dining.

How It Works

Using the Foodie app is simple and straightforward.


Install from App Store


Register and login


Find a local chef,
and make a reservation


Enjoy your meal,
and share with friends

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No Restaurant Needed

You can start cooking for foodies without having a restaurant. Cook from your home, or any other location

Upload Dishes

Design your own specialty dishes. Upload photos, a description, and set your own price for each individualized dish.

Set your own schedule

Set up a schedule of when you are available to cook for your foodies. It’s your time, it’s your schedule. Be available at your convenience

Reservation Alerts

Receive alerts when a foodie has placed a reservation with you. You’ll know what they have selected in advance, to give you plenty of time for preparation.

Reservation Confirmation

When a foodie arrives, you will confirm their reservation with your phone using a simple QR code.

Fast Payment

Receive payments easily, conveniently, and directly to your registered PayPal account.

Featured Chefs